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    A world where Disney Princesses, Zelda, Kid Icarus, Kingdom Hearts, and Child of Light characters exist...Angel is an average 15 year old girl, who lives with her 7 year old brother Carlos and her 4 year old sister Avia. One day, Angel's best friend tells her a story about a ghost named Vector the Stealer, who makes people lose their memories, especially special types of victims. Angel doesn't believe the story and later has a dream about being teleported to a real life Hyrule by a book. Later, Angel and her siblings discover that their mom bought a book about fairytales and video game legends, just like the one in her dream. When she reads the book, she discovers odd messages, that have to do with amnesia, that weren't supposed to be in the book. Little do they know that they're about to be taken away to a new land...

    When she and her siblings are taken to Real-lifelantica, a planet where fictional legends exist, they realize they realize they are to help the legends recover their memories of their stories by going through different version of memorable stories! The quests of Twisted Legends begin...

    DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own the universes in this story. Credit goes to their owners!