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    Bull/Benny mpeg fanfiction. One night, celebrating a successful win of a particularly stressful and tasking case, emotions high, Bull and Benny fall into a lustful trap. Now they must deal withe consequences of their irresponsible act.
    Cheaky extract ;)

    “I'm no medical professional but, men don't get pregnant, Doc.” Benny began to believe that his doctor had become senile in his old age, whilst somewhat funny, widely unhelpful in solving his issue.

    “Improbable, not impossible. Statistically, it is extremely rare. I've only ever heard of a few cases, it's estimated that one in every 800 million men are able to carry children.” Benny punched the bridge of his nose and shook his head amusingly.

    “You're telling me, that it is not only possibly for men to get pregnant, but that I may be one of those freak ‘one in 800 million’?” Benny stood off of the bed and pulled his shirt back down. He was astounded by the ludicrous things his doctor was spitting out, he began questioning his professionalism.

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