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    It is early October in the fall of 1981, almost four years ago in the summer of '78, Tony Manero left Bay Ridge, Brooklyn for Manhattan to escape his troubles and dead end life, times have changed and disco is dead. Intent on pursuing his dream of becoming a professional dancer on Broadway, the journey has been rough for Tony.

    Living in a brownstone on the Upper West Side with Stephanie, the twenty three year old works a day job as bartender to survive and his passion for dancing still burns fiercely, taking evening classes to train in different styles of dance for two hours, three days weekly and he practices on Saturdays.

    Staying away from Bay Ridge out of fear of returning home a failure, Tony is looking out for auditions to dance as the lead on Broadway. On a quest for true love, Tony hopes to meet the girl of his dreams someday and despite his close friendship with Stephanie and Jackie, their relationships are mutually platonic.

    Missing his family, Tony wants to make amends with certain people he hurt in the past and has gazed at the Brooklyn Bridge from time to time, knowing someday he will have the courage to rebuild lost friendships and take the path that will lead him home to Bay Ridge.



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