Accidental Eavesdropping

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    Moan by chillwhiskey on tumblr

    Fandom: Check Please! (Webcomic)

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    29 Mar 2017


    s/o to @derekpoindexter-williamnurse for the prompt!!!


    Nursey hits Send on the assignment at exactly 11:58 P.M. and promptly collapses onto his bed. He reaches for his phone, taking it off airplane mode and thumbing open Snapchat. As expected, he has about thirty snaps from the team. He groans. He’s not happy he had to miss the kegster, he didn’t mean to forget about the paper he had due tonight, it just kind of happened.

    He opens the first video - from Lardo - and is immediately pissed at himself because Dex doing a kegstand is not something he should ever miss. Dex doesn’t stop at the kegstand, though, if the rest of the snaps the team sent him are any indication. He gets a picture of Dex doing a shot of god knows what from Bitty, a video of Dex and Hoster shotgunning beers from Ransom, and a pretty artsy black-and-white video of Dex dancing from Whiskey.


    29 Mar 2017

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