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    The oni were found in almost all the countries ,but the majority of the population were half breeds. The major clans to oni society were the yukimura, kazama, suzumori, agiri, hatsushimo and yase clans. There had been tension between the disguised demons and humans for as long as any of them could remember. The human finally took a stand against them and exterminated each clan one at a time till the Yase clan was left. The Yase put up the biggest fight to repel the humans with the clan consisting of the strongest of their kind ,but sadly even then they fell. The only one to barely survive the massacre of the race was the heir and younger sister to the clan head, Yukina Yase. After absorbing her older sister's chakra and memories into her own upon her sister's final wish; she flees the fire country and destroyed village ,after giving her people a proper burial, to the water country where the hatsushimo used to roam. Here's her story after all the tramatic events that were based 70 years previous! She now serves as a shinobi much like she did in her former home under the Mizukage…….



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