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Gen, M/M
KAT-TUN (Band), Nobuta wo Produce, NewS (Band)
Akanishi Jin/Kamenashi Kazuya/Yamashita Tomohisa
Akanishi Jin, Kamenashi Kazuya, Yamashita Tomohisa
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Alternate Universe, Angst, Suicidal Thoughts, uchiwas
Yuletide Madness 2010, Yuletide 2010
Published: 2010-12-26 Words: 259

Green Willow


Sometimes, Kame wishes he was just an ordinary schoolboy.


"Real Face" was about Shuuji, not Kame, so this scene didn't fit. This story is about that Kame, the one who debuted with Yamapi as part of "Shuichi to Nobuta". It occurs the evening after the afternoon that concludes "Real Face".

This work was inspired by
Real Face by

Whatever anyone else thinks of him, Kame is a professional. Already changed into his street clothes, he's come back to the costume racks for one last check that every item is back in place before tomorrow's performance.

Kotani's tie is silky, soft and cool, but the clothes rail trembles when Kame reaches out to readjust the knot. He folds his hands under his arms to stop the shaking. A cigarette would help, but cigarettes aren't professional.

Then, he hears something else clatter on the floor. Kame turns, but it's just Jin, creeping about, looking extra pale in the emergency lights.

"Still jealous of all the attention I get, Akanishi?"

No, cosplaying a suicidal schoolboy did not make it easier to read uchiwas out there in the audience with "go die" written across the image of Kame's face. When Kame was Kotani, he could be serene about it all-- Kotani expected to be hated-- but Kotani Nobuto was still a costume Kame had to hang up when the cosplay segment was over. Kamenashi Kazuya doesn't know what to do. This is only the first night. Debuting with KAT-TUN wasn't supposed to be like this.

"Uh--" Jin says, hands in his pockets, looking anywhere but Kame. "Staff said to tell you the van is ready."

He and Jin didn't used to be this awkward. On stage, they still aren't.

Kame's phone vibrates. The message is from Yamapi: "Nobuta-power, enter! Do your best, Kotani-kun."

Jin is disappearing through back-stage doors.

"Hey!" Kame calls out. "How does Yamapi even know about the yarakashi?"

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