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A modern AU in which Charles runs a mutant daycare and Erik is his long-suffering engineer boyfriend.


The stories are listed here in the order they're written, but not necessarily chronological order. Also, as we never expected this to be a series, a lot of things about the first few stories (the ages of the kids, etc) are retconned in later stories to fit the, uh, continuing epicness of the series. Apologies for any confusion!


Awesome fanworks based on this verse:
Podfic of My Heart Goes Sha-la-la-la-la by lavenderfrost on LJ
Podfic of Melted Ice Cream and Macaroni Art done by greedy_dancer on LJ
Art for A Hundred Thousand Reasons by maaiker on LJ
Adorable art by Nan
Art for The Days are Short and the Years are Long by Nan
A series of Xavier-Lehnsherr-Darkholme family portraits by the amazing Shaliara

Fic for this verse:
the letter of the day by littledust
Just a Gentle Whisper by ninemoons42


If you've done art/podfic/a remix/whatever related to this verse, let me know and I will link it here! Either email me or leave a comment on my LJ

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