Story of Three Boys

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2 + 2 + 2 = 3


Please take a moment to read through the tags and warnings (and pairings, etc.) on this series and its stories before beginning. Over the course of this work, we touch on a wide range of sensitive or potentially triggering topics. We always do our best to warn for any sensitive/triggering topics within the author notes of each work, but if you notice we've missed something, please let us know.

When you notice the sudden and drastic improvement in editing, you'll know you've reached the point where david_of_oz became our editor; we absolutely could not do this without him! Separatrix is our first set of eyes and the auntie to whom we proudly show our macaroni art. We also have a small family of beta readers that has included hysterichotel, scarletjedi, and knittycat99 (plus a few other friends who have helped us as we go merrily along).

You can find bonus materials for this series, including downloadable playlists and other proof of our insanity, at our livejournal community.

Those who prefer a Puckurt-only story may be happiest ending with "This is the Story of a Boy." If you have questions as to why, please refer to the pairing tags.

This is not a small story. We know this, and we genuinely appreciate every reader who makes the decision to start reading this monstrosity. Thank you for the feedback you've given us along the way.

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