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This series is made up of squares I pieced for All Things Proceed from Passion and it's offshoot series that ended up not fitting into the quilt. There were some I liked too much to cut up or through away. As I come across them while getting each chapter of those series ready to publish, I am putting them more or less in order, but many of them are mutually exclusive and any of them can (or at least might as well) stand alone.

Canon compliance? BtVS 1-7 is the 'cannon', All things Proceed from Passion is the rocket launcher, Blood Screaming is the M-16, It's All Terribly Simple is the Colt 45, and this is the little gun I keep in my purse.


I am constantly reordering these to the chronology of plot rather than publication. Here is the publication order:
1. Sparring Partners
2. Caution, Student Driver
3. Academic Distress
4. Best Friends
5. The Smell of Lies
6. She Is the Strangest Girl
7. Through the Looking Glass (revised after Epiphany)
8. About the Floss
9. What This Looks Like (previously titled: Rape & Murder, But Not the Way You're Making It Sound!)
10. Nothing to do with Jealousy
11. What the Lawyer Had to Say
12. Epiphany
13. With All Due Respect?
14. The Devil & the Deep Blue Sea
15. Familiarity and Contempt
16. The Mom Around Here
17. What They Expect to See
18. Never Better
19. In Loco Parentis
20. All Too Clear
21. My Buffy, When She Walks, Treads on the Ground
22. In Firefly Order
23. Black Market
24. I'm No Angel
25. Practical Math
26. Bad Blood
27. Isn't It Peculiar!
28. All Things Being Unequal...
29. Surprise Party
30. The Up Side of Down
31. The Underknown
32. My Bad Angel
33. Dark Knight
34. The Beast
35. Knock-Knock Joke
36. Really Difficult Pi
37. My Life Is Over Who?
38. If That Was What It Was
39. Living Memory
40. The Number One Cause of Death Among Slayers


Disclaimer: Like all fan fiction, this is written for love and not for money. I don’t own any of these characters (except for any original characters, obviously) or the universe they live in. I also don’t own any of the song lyrics you might find in here or any other work of literature, including television, quoted or alluded to. I am very grateful to acknowledge the work of those who do, especially Joss Whedon and everyone who worked on Buffy.

Any resemblance between these characters and actual persons, living or dead, other than a physical resemblance to actors who may have portrayed them, is probably a coincidence, and even if it’s not, these characters are fictional. I do not intend to attribute any act, idea or characteristic of any of these characters to any actual person.


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