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Bunniverse is a series that spans from the Elves leaving Cuivienen all the way to getting back to Valinor again and into the Fifth Age. It currently contains 300+ stories (mostly written by Zhie, but with some pieces authored by others), and strives to tie together as much of the accepted canon of bookverse, movieverse, and gameverse, as well as additional pieces of the legendarium (eg., earlier characters such as Nielíqui and Finrun) and a stuffed purple rabbit named Nibbles. It is heavily elf-centric, but there are some stories about Hobbits, Men, Dwarves, Ainur, and the occasional little balrog or goat. The most recognizable stories in Bunniverse are Unforgettable, The Purple Plot Bunnies, Fluff'n'Stuff, Recovery, Consequences, Choices, and For You, I'll Cross the Sea.


Additional notes about Bunniverse stories, including a timeline while stories are being imported into AO3 can be found at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1R7e1nky65lxhvfIabDX7n_TbknuhMH0m4eero6A-GC0/edit?usp=sharing - questions about Bunniverse can be directed to Zhie (see profile for more info).

Bunniverse began in 2002. The first story written in the continuity is 'Friendly Wagers'. The first completed story in the continuity is 'Blue Ribbon'. It was referred to as the PPB-AU (Purple Plot Bunny Alternate Universe) in reference to The Purple Plot Bunnies until c.2007, when Smaug suggested Bunniverse as a shorter alternative. At one point, stories were edited to fit in with the tales from The Purple Plot Bunnies, but stories are now being edited to fit to the epic Unforgettable. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find two or more versions of the same story. (Choices has the most individual versions, with over twelve.)

Stories posted on AO3 should be considered the latest or final versions of stories.


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