Ethics And Existentialism In Hell

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Set in an alternate timeline where Logan is rescued by the X-Men after being held prisoner at Alkali Lake for 16 years. After Jean Grey and the team are able to bring him to the mansion, she and her new patient face a difficult journey on Logan's road to recovery. Without even a real name, he has no idea who he is; without experience in the outside world, he lives with constant tension; without any memories other than the torture he's gone through, he shows nothing but pain in his eyes. Insensitive remarks from cynical X-Men, a deep sense of self-loathing, and a rare but severe form of psychosis follow him from weapon to animal to human - and more than one old enemy threatens to pull him back again. Feeling as though his life can't ever improve and that he's putting unfair pressure on the first person to show him kindness, Logan may never learn to accept himself or find the inner peace he desperately chases.


Like it says several times, alternate universe. Very heavily leaning on the movies' continuity, though I used some elements from the comics as well. Contains a lot, and I mean a FREAKING LOT, of heavy subject material, especially mental health/suicide and to a lesser extent sexual violence. If you are triggered, I put up about a hundred flashing red warning signs before it gets to the dark stuff, so it's your own damn fault for ignoring them.

FEEDBACK IS LOVE! Kudos/comments are always hugely appreciated and make me feel good, which then makes me want to write more. Suggestions for plot are fine, BUT, please be aware that I'm not actively looking for them and usually have a pretty good idea where my stories are going. However, if I see a good one, I'll try to find a way to incorporate it into future works, so don't be afraid to throw them out there :) It helps me grow as a writer and I'm always glad to get little tidbits like that.


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