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    Series Summary: The last thing any of them expected -- except maybe Brittany, who despite some of the wild things she said and believed, had an uncanny knack for understanding the emotional turmoil beneath any surface -- was that by the end of senior year, the entire senior glee club would be in one big interchangeable relationship. They called each other a team and a family, and that was true enough as it goes, but at the same time it told the whole story, it blurred the details. The mix and match was complicated enough in high school, but faced with the outside world after graduation, they decided they had two options: Let the relationship(s) die a post-graduation death, or fight like hell for each other no matter how hard it got.

    When you've somehow managed to build your entire world around a group of opinionated, passionate, driven people, it really shouldn't come as a surprise when they all throw themselves at option number two.

    These are scenes from their lives.

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