Blood in the Thread

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In which the Decemberists are a band by night and mercenaries... also by night, usually. And by day. Then again, they're a band by day too. (Or: Colin Meloy as a psychopath who wanders into people's lives and steals them as if by accident. And then they get in a great deal of trouble, quite often and in an escalating manner. Will be epic, once the author bothers; for now, is conformed of breadcrumbs.)


in which this series is utterly fictional and not meant to imply anyone is actually wandering around murderin', setting things on fire etc.! i don't even have the order songs were written in right, please, you really can't trust me. and my aim is purely to entertain like-minded people (by 'like-minded people' i mean, i suppose, 'people who find this entertaining', and i hope you are one of them), not to discomfit, distress, or annoy, let alone insult. okay? okay.

this series is nowhere near complete; properly, the plot starts in around 1995 and stretches to the late 2000s. the story starts in 2001.

timeline allocation for what there is:
what do we do?: 1989, before effectively everything, meant to be read near never to be told*
nom de guerre: 2001, after a bend in the wind*, before never to be told*
softly stretch the hours: 1996 (before for we are bound by symmetry*) and 2008 (before the effective end).
recommended reading order, however, is the current series order. that's why it's the series order.

* asterisk denotes unwritten, planned fic.

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