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2000 years ago, Yamamoto Genryusai's proposal to establish the Shinigami Academy was refused. Without its cohesive influence, a very different Gotei 13 has thrived, one based around sprawling political alliances, control of resources, and the apprentice/master bonds of pre-Shogunate samurai.

Ongoing action/adventure with queer protagonists. Politics with sex and violence. An exploration of what canon Gotei 13 and Soul Society is really like beneath its cutesy heroic surface. Dark, graphic, pretty twisted in places. Please take note of warnings.


Part one, A Darker Shade of Pale, begins about week before Ichigo's eighteenth birthday. When the Gotei come to arrest his father for treason, Ichigo and his sisters are deemed too dangerous to live. Killed and taken back to Seireitei, Ichigo tries to fight to save his sisters, only to discover one of his murderers has the same idea. Annoyingly, the guy's also kind of hot, and so's his lieutenant.

Part two, Blind Before the Looking Glass, picks up some six months later. Ichigo's life has settled. He's in a good relationship with Byakuya and Renji, is joint third seat of the 6th and is about to made head of the Shiba clan. But everything goes wrong when Aizen appears on the scene and the true nature of Seireitei politics begins to unfold. Events soon spiral out of control and in the end there is little Ichigo can do except endure and try to save as many of those he loves as possible.

Part three, Without a Net, follows hard on the heels of part two. Only a couple of weeks have passed since everything went disastrously wrong and Ichigo was left to pick up the pieces. His main task is to hang on to the 6th, which would be much easier if he wasn't the only captain in Seireitei without bankai. Meanwhile, Byakuya and Renji are trying to survive alone and hunted in a city full of hollows.

Part four NOW POSTING: Give the People What They Want. A couple of months have past and Ichigo finds himself torn between wanting to spend time with his lovers and his responsibilities as captain of the 6th. He manages to fit in a quick booty call to Karakura, only to discover that things aren't going great over there. Byakuya never recovered from the arrancar's attack and Renji's going down for the third time. Plus, Ichigo's got a lot on his own plate, what with money and recruiting problems. Not to mention Seireitei's own particularly vicious brand of politics.


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