Twin Brothers Saga

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Overview: Collection of stories featuring Neal Caffrey (White Collar) and Bryce Larkin (Chuck) as twin brothers.
This collection will show the interaction between the lead characters and everyone else in both fandoms. Each stories will stand alone as oneshot, but they are connected to each other NOT chronologically, so please take a precaution.


Lead characters: Neal Caffrey and Bryce Larkin
Other characters: Peter Burke, Elizabeth Burke, Mozzie Havisham, Kate Moreau, June, Chuck Bartowski, John Casey, Sarah Walker, etc...
Pairings: Mostly Peter/Neal and Bryce/Chuck, minor other pairings will be variously mentioned.
Genre:: Major genre is Family, Drama, Romance and Humor, but there will also be Hurt/Comfort and a little Fluff and Angst and probably Horror.
Disclaimer: Both shows (WC and Chuck) belong to their respective owner. No Profit is made from making and publishing this work here. It is just one of the ways of having fun and getting experience in the process.
Mostly about the idea of male x male relationship and actions, foul and strong language might occur time to time in the stories, the out-of-characters-ness which will probably occur a lot, and the idea of the alternate universe

I Hope you can enjoy this series as much as I enjoy making it ^_^

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