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She was joy and song, life and love…she was his match, his Nightingale.
And she would stand by him, in every single reality in existence for they were true soul-mates, and no force in the universe could deny that.

The God of Mischief and the Nightingale would be together… always.

Nightingale - Everything


The series consists of the following:
* Nightingale (Main Story) 12 Chapters - Finished.
* The Return (Companion - Spider-Man centered) 4 Chapters - Finished.
* Nexus (Sequel - My version of The Dark World, with some AoS included) 5 Chapters - Finished.
* Necklace of Songs (Companion - Loki/Nightingale centered) 3 Chapters - Finished.
* Fate and Destiny (Sequel - Includes CA 1 & 2, X-Men, AoS, BBC Sherlock, and a few other minor fandoms) 14 Chapters - Finished.
* Bouquet of Roses (Sequel - Rose Alfdis centered - Goes into X-Men movies, Smallville, AoS, Avengers 2 and other minor fandoms) 16 Chapters - Finished.
* Sentinels (Companion - Phil, Darcy and other minor Agents centered -with my version of the 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. characters) 2 Chapters - Finished.
* Ethereal Gift (Companion - Helena's story, and her match's, goes into Dr. Strange and some background mythology and headcannons) 3 Chapters - WIP.
* Infinite Starlight (Sequel - The MCU and all other assorted fandoms coming together to wage war against the Mad Titan... or in other words, my version of the Infinity War) -In Planning.
* A Thousand Years (Epilogue) In Planning.

The AUs are:
* Plan B (Avengers focused) 3 Chapters - Finished.
* Lost & Found (Avengers focused) 4 Chapters - Finished.
* Absolution (Thor focused) 3 Chapters - Finished.
* Kinship (After Thor) 5 Chapters - Finished.
* Bound (Thor focused) 3 Chapters - Finished.
* Songstress (Avengers focused) 3 Chapters - Finished.
* Devotion (Avengers focused) 3 Chapters - Finished.
* Deifiúr (Thor focused and alternate Avengers) 3 Chapters - Finished.
* Last Plan (variation of Plan B) 3 Chapters - Finished.
* Sanctuary (Thor 2 focused) One-Shot - Finished.
* Aethereal (Thor 2 focused) One-Shot - Finished.
* Ties that Bind (Alternate Avengers) (Sherlock BBC crossover) - 3 Chapters - Finished.
* Secret Warriors - (Av and AoS focused) - 2 Chapters - Finished.
* Rage and Serenity (Av focused) (X-Men crossover) - 4 Chapters - Finished.
* Mystic Bonds (Dr. Strange and Av focused) - A Doctor and his assistant, leading the warriors of light in a mystical war... the Avengers had no idea what they were getting into when they enlisted the help of the Supreme Sorcerer and his PA... - 2 Chapters - In Planning.
* Shadow Queen (Post & Pre-Canon) - She was the last queen of all the Realms. And if it was the last thing she did, she'd make sure history was changed, no matter the cost to herself. - 2 Chapters - In Planning.
* Keeper of Memories (Pre-Canon) - Everyone forgot, everyone but her. She chose to keep her memories, the good and the bad; she chose to keep her friend, to be by his side even when he no longer remembered their friendship; she chose to stand by him, to guide him, lead him, protect him... until She came back. - In Planning.
*Of the Earth and the Sky (Thor, Av and AoS focused) - Sisters in all but blood, their choices will twist the world on its end and more than one will question how much they really know about the world. The Flower and the Songbird will take the universe by storm. - In Planning.

* Pillar (My version of the 'Avengers watch movies' idea, with a Nightingale twist) - Vague idea.
* One or more depicting other incarnations of Nightingale...


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