Children of the Desert

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A collection of Luke/Rey stories based on various prompts from The Force Awakens Kinkmeme

Some prompts from tfa-kink left on my list

I'm afraid I have to remove most of them from the list. Feedback helped me write faster, and now I would still love to write them but it's taking too long.


mild food kink
Luke has spent most of his time on the island growing a beautiful garden. Rey's never seen so much fresh produce in her life. Luke's trying to put a few pounds on the scavenger. Together, they invent 8000 different types of salads.
++and maybe have some tender loving smooches

cunnilingus on exile island
Would prefer them not be related please, but yeah, either Luke's really good at it or just very dedicated to getting good at it and Rey loves it, beard burn on the thighs and all.

part of Re: Fill: Touch Me; Rey/Luke - Anything Please
(Anonymous)2016-01-06 02:48 am (UTC)(link)
The obligatory sex-pollen prompt - either both of them get whammied, or just one of them does, and the other has to 'help'.

Luke uses the Force and other means to give Rey the physical pain she craves in order to get off.
F/m noncon, mind control, evil!Rey
So it turns out Snoke & Kilo Ren got to Rey long before her arrival on the island with Luke. And Luke's not nearly as powerful as he likes to think. After Chewie leaves with the Falcon, Rey sets out to convert the Jedi to the Dark Side... or at least have some fun in the trying.

Everyone thinks he is a Beta, including his sister and his closest friends. When Rey arrives, she believes he is a Beta, Luke also believes that she’s a Beta and they have nothing to worry about. His monk like behavior, his patience and his serenity make her believe that he is one of those extremely rare creatures (in this AU) a male omega.
Rey becomes very comfortable around him and is sure she mastered serenity (or maybe wants to test how good she is and challenge herself) so she stops taking suppressants. When her heat starts, Alpha!Luke is surprised and his body reacts as nature conditions him. He manages to stay in control enough to tell Rey to run away, run fast and run far because their mating would ruin her training, their relationship and his commitment to the Jedi way.
She is painfully tempted to stay, but she trusts him and respects his request. She stays away until the heat is over and then comes back. Of course, the cat is out of the bag and they try to keep things as they were, but are drawn to one another.


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