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That's it. You did it. You joined forces, humans and trolls, dead and surviving players, and you defeated Lord English. Now, around 4 years (or around 2 sweeps) after the Game, you finally claim your prize: the dead players come back to life, and you can all build a new life on a new planet, helped by your consorts.

And yes. That is precisely the problem. Because the Game is over now, but it still happened.

Now you have to live with the consequences.

Your name is Eridan Ampora and there is a scar running on your abdomen from side to side. You're currently living under the same roof as Feferi Peixes, Sollux Captor and Aradia Megido, and you can't even talk to them.


Home for drabbles, snippets and shorts from the Paid In Full AU, born from my ramblings and Dale's. Main point of view is Eridan's, although not the only one. Mostly feelsy, sometimes NSFW. Strong emphasis on polyamory and multishipping, so if this is not your thing, beware.

Please keep in mind this is going to be a sandbox for stories from a common AU, not a proper series, since I have no patience for longfic. Single fics are going to be written and posted mostly on the spur of the moment and out of chronological order, although I'll certainly reorder them as needed, and in case I need to post a longer, more complex story in this setting, it will be a multichapter fic.

Main pairings that will appear:
- OT4: Eridan/Feferi/Sollux/Aradia (...don't look at me like that)
- black Eridan/Sollux
- pale Aradia/Feferi
- John/Rose
- Dave/Jade
- Karkat/Terezi
- Vriska/Kanaya
- pale Vriska/Tavros
- black Aradia/Vriska
(more to be added as inspiration strikes)


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