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The City is a place where all mythologies and folklore mingle and mix. It is the mother of Cities. The rainbow serpent bridge may turn into a serpent again during rush hour commute (and isn't *that* annoying). While the red brick road spirals out through parts of itself that the City has discarded. The City sprawls across space. It condenses on an island. It skyscrapers and what happens in the clouds stays there. Although, sometimes it may rain god infants. Eros and Inanna give a presentation on polyamory at their local chapter of City Love gods (the Power point was amazing!). Gilgamesh and his dead friend Enkidu run a charity to gather up stray Sumerian zombies. While Odin and Set strike a deal. Monster fog. Monstrous traffic. But if you go in the park, don't eat the Gingerbread House. It's a landmark.


The stories within this series are each complete within themselves and represent different mythologies mixing in the overall urban landscape. They do not need to be read in any particular order. However, some stories do reference (often obliquely) events from other stories, but this is more in the way that people who live in the same location may reference the same event. The Great Bull of Heaven trashing the 101 Freeway. The time it rained frogs. etc.

If you want to read more, there's a novel length work: "Blood Maiden".
In the City, gods from all mythologies mash up with the everyday. Blood Maiden is just your ordinary teenage, lesbian, Mayan, death goddess, starting her senior year at a Norse high school. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Wait, no. The opposite of that. Monster riddled fog. Curses. Prophesies. Pine needles pregnancies. Sleep overs of doom. Math tests.

You can find Blood Maiden in print on Amazon,
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