More Than Smoke: A Noir AU

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Kirkwall’s the kind of city that pretends to sleep, lulls its people into uncertain rest sometime before the sun slides, slow and whiskey gold, across dingy buildings and lonesome streets. The kind of city that only shows its true secrets to those too corrupt to play the game without knowing everyone else’s cards. The kind of city that thrives on wasted dreams and broken songs.

Essa Trevelyan was never foolish enough to think she knew the faces of her enemies, but here at the end of the longest, most dangerous game of her life, she’s tired of not knowing who her friends are. This town is going to be the death of her if she isn’t careful, but Essa came to Kirkwall with a mission, and she won’t stop until vengeance is done.

She wears violence like a fine bespoke suit, all sharp lines and deadly curves. If you asked him, Cullen couldn’t tell you why he’s drawn to a woman with a list of sins as long and dark as his own. Essa is remorseless in ways he can no longer afford to be, even if he wanted to, but there’s something honest hiding in the flat stare of her wide grey eyes. Something that hints at life beyond the shadows, something that makes Cullen restless and reckless, two things he can never afford to be.


This series started out as a series of disconnected prompts on tumblr. I never would have imagined it would grow to such a full work. Please feel free to leave me your thoughts!


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