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"[...]for a long time, they had been enemies, with the Doctor stumbling over some scheme of the Master’s – usually a plan to gain vast cosmic power – and annoyingly foiling it. But during this time there had often been an underlying fondness between them, a sense that they were somehow just playing a game, that they were fellow adventurers, just with different approaches. The Master had grown more desperate and ruthless as time had gone on, using up his natural ability to replace a dying body with a new, healthy, one, and having to move his consciousness into increasingly more complicated host forms. The Doctor had still beaten him every time they had met. But now they travelled together, thanks to the events of the last time they had encountered each other. It was fitting that they had ended up, however awkwardly, on the same side. Fitting, but still somehow frustrating."
-- Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka by Paul Cornell


Amazing that with a sub-fandom that has only 2 pieces of canon, i somehow STILL managed to get timeywimey on continuity! I wished "tele(m)pathy" to have happened pre-canon and Alison isn't there yet... but it's based on the Master's complaints in canon.
The kitchen one could have happened anytime pre-canon, really.
Working on post-canon stories with Alison (5 so far! not counting those in the drabbles series) as i get more ideas...


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