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Drabbles written using the content of math class meetings from that day as prompts -- mostly Johnlock, mostly separate from one another -- in a variety of formats, points of view, etc.



Here is a list of all the stories from this series that are related to one another (continuations, tellings from a different POV, etc.). Anything not on this list is a standalone piece.
Fuzzy Measures - The Transposable Choquet Integral
Sherlock obsesses over John's belly.

Touching - Interaction - Parallel - Type III
Post-Reichenbach, Sherlock and John get together, and then break up, and, after John gets married, drift farther apart. Almost twenty years later, they find one another again.

Leverage - Influence
AU: John is to be married after returning from Afghanistan, and is driven mad by the idea of living a safe and ordinary life. Cue his acquaintance with a strange individual who seems to be spying on someone in the tuxedo shop...
The Power Method - Revenge of the Power Method
Sherlock dyes John's clothes. John gets revenge. Sherlock retaliates. Their schemes spiral into ever-pettier revenge. Oh, and their being naked, of course.

The Paired Comparison Model - Paired Comparison Experiment Notes, Trials 1-24
Sherlock performs an experiment which involves John. John has mixed feelings about this, especially the bit where Sherlock tries to tie him up and goad him into mocking Anderson.

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