The Long Road Home

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THG fic, mostly coming at you from a Haymitch POV, covering briefly pre-50th Games all the way through post-Mockingjay. Some definite AU aspects and some alternate interpretations of Katniss' perception.

1.) The Ties That Bind (pre-50th Games)
2.) Nowhere to Stand and Now Nowhere to Hide (51st Games)
3.) But It Was Not Your Fault but Mine (68th Games)
4.) But I Am Hellbound (69th Games)
5.) Hope In the Darkness That I Will See the Light (75th Games, CF/MJ timeline)
6.) Another Little Piece of My Heart (post-75th Games, MJ timeline, "deleted scene" from HID)
7.) And You Could Have It All (post-75th Games, MJ timeline, "deleted scene" from HID)
8.) Away From All the Fears and All the Faults You've Left Behind (post-MJ)
9.) A Life Full of Color (>2 years post-MJ)


General warnings for violence, death, sexual slavery and prostitution, rape/non-con situations, consensual sexual situations, drug and alcohol abuse, and adult language. Usually I'm non-explicit. Specific trigger warnings pertinent to each fic can be found in the pre-fic notes.

I try to make each fic as self-contained as possible so you don't need to have read all of them to have subsequent parts make sense. It'll give you more context, but you should generally be able to pick up anywhere and follow along.

I might fill in some of the timeline gaps if the right plot bunny strikes.

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