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Lex Luthor is in prison, about to be executed for his crimes against humanity. Or is he? ... 200 years in the future, can Lex and Clark come to a reconciliation when their past is long behind them?


The two main stories are Execution, which is a single story whole and complete on its own, and it's direct sequel, New Life.

The two stories proved to be popular, and I had frequent requests for more stories or timestamps (little ficlets showing snapshots in time) for them.

As a result, more ficlets have been added to the universe. I don't really consider them to be in a "series" as such, however it's a little hard in the AO3 to figure out what exactly to call them. It's a pair of stories with a set of ficlets in the same universe, but it's not an ongoing series as such. The two stories were done and complete, and it's not ongoing. Though I might add more ficlets if the whim (and time) strikes me. ^^

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