The Brave and The Cunning

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This series will have one fic per Sherlock episode, with series one being set in John's 6th year (and Sherlock's 5th) and series two being set in John's 7th and final year at Hogwarts. Fics will have similar (but nowhere near identical) plots to the actual BBC Sherlock episodes, with most locations being replaced with HP-universe settings. This series is set well after the Second Wizarding War and involves next to none of the HP characters, instead using Sherlock characters and the occasional minor OC.


WiPs remaining in this series:

The Hounds of the Burrow: Tourism is on the decline at The Burrow, site of the great Weasley family's now-decrepit home. Are the odd rumors a bid to truss up some new tourists, or are they genuine?

The Azkaban Fall: Sherlock's involvement in the widely known capture of an Azkaban breakout capapults him to sudden stardom. But public scrutiny isn't necessarily the best thing for him, especially not with his nemesis doing his damnedest to sully Sherlock's name.

[Author's Note 2/1/14: I like this series, and I like writing this series, but I didn't enjoy Sherlock S3 at all and it's kind of put me off BBC Sherlock entirely. Having said that, I really might come back and finish this at some point, but it will probably deviate wildly from the source material at that point. I don't know.

Long story short: you can basically consider this fic abandoned, for now, but it may not stay that way? I'd like to come back to it, I'm just not sure I will. Sincerest apologies to everyone who's read so far, and thank you all so much for being so kind and patient. If anyone would like to write in this verse or pick up where I left off please let me know.]


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