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My own Rumbelle AU starting from about half way through Skin Deep. Rumpel and Belle do not kiss, and live a life of tip toeing around their romance in the castle. When they're transferred to Storybrooke, it seems they may have their happy ending... but do they?


Stories are written in random order to give them the same feel we get from OUAT's patchwork back story reveals. They are meant to be read in the order that they're posted.

However, if you're like me, you may want some better understanding.
The chronological order to the story (if you're so inclined...) (updated 4/5/12)

1. I Will Not Kiss You (Fairy Tale Land section)
2. The Price Of Magic
3. Morning Breaks
4. Evening Sets
5. Weather Patterns
6. Sweet Catastrophe
7. A Dash of Lemon
8. Baby's Breath
9. Summer Sun
10. I Will Not Kiss You (Storybrooke section)
11. Just What You Think it Is
12. Hope In Me
13. What You Will Miss The Most

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