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A series of loosely related fics that have to do with psychopathology, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, and their respective psychiatric diagnoses (or lack thereof).

Psychiatric categories are all just different ways of cutting the pie that is human experience; it is rare that any individual fits into one category perfectly. Overlapping disorders, unusual clusters of symptoms, and lifelong variation in psychopathology is the norm. No one is reducible to a diagnosis, and it is offensive to refer to people by their diagnoses (as John did, as Anderson did), because we are all more human than otherwise (as the psychoanalyst Harry Stack Sullivan was wont to say). We are not the sum of our symptoms, and our diagnoses should not define us. But still, one thing I enjoy about the Sherlock series is their willingness to portray characters who are very broken, whose lives are basically a mess. And yet Sherlock and John are each able, through their friendship, to grow and to heal. That is what makes this, in part, such a marvelous human drama.

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