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I refuse to listen to back stories and cannon information given to the Samurai characters. And I really hate Antonio's overuse of the word 'Golden'. So, I've decided to fix it. All of it. And because I'm me and I'm awesome, I'm doing it in the most random what if I could ever think of style.

This is the story of a team of Samurai Rangers dealing with their newest member, an optimistic stranger named Antonio, and the changes he brings to the team and their home simply by being Antonio Garcia.

The story of the Samurai Rangers is now complete. I even managed to finish Jayden vs The Bully. Still don't plan on adding more, but the possibility of editing is on the table. At some point.


Warnings for:

Slash Jayden/Antonio
Mentions, references and allusions to child abuse
Complete randomness. Hey, I've written in the ninjas, I'll figure out the pirates later.
Completely and utter disregards to canon.

While I have no intentions of adding any more stories to this series, I've not marked it complete yet because there are still works in progress, but unless I randomly write a Samurai story as part of the timeline, there will be no new stories to read. 

Edit: Not a week after I added this memo, I wrote a one-shot. Yup, I might be adding on stories for years. Life works like that sometimes.

Note: As part of my utter disregard to canon, and given that forewarned is forearmed, Mikayla Shiba is technically an OFC but is also a version of Lauren Shiba from the show. I created her before Samurai introduced Lauren. At the time I think they were calling her character "Melissa" or something. While Mikayla and Lauren are sort of the same person, Mikayla's history is nothing like what was implied by Lauren.


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