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X-Men: First Class (and probably beyond, at this point), with daemons.


List of Daemons (in order of appearance):

Raven: Sirion (Hebrew)- Form of Zion, one of the four hills on which the holy city of Jerusalem was built. Unsettled, prefers the form of a jaguar, an animal associated with mystery, power, cunning, and sacrifice.

Charles: Iskierka (Polish)- "Little spark." Golden eagle, an animal associated with nobility, leadership, knowledge, dreams, and vision.

Erik: Aliyah (Hebrew)- "To ascend; to go up." Sumatran tiger, an animal associated with rage, revenge, ferocity, bravery, leadership, and protection. See here for more information.

Alex: Arinna (Hittite)- Hittite sun goddess. African lion, an animal associated with the sun, the wild, teamwork, and many attributes simliar to that of a tiger.

Sean: Einin (Gaelic)- "Little bird." Superb Fairywren. Wrens are associated with freedom, agility, happiness, vitality, and originality in Celtic mythology.

Hank: Hesione (Greek)- Ring-tailed Lemur. Like most monkeys, lemurs are associated with intelligence, humanity, mobility, instinct, and untamed nature.

Angel: Quetz (Aztec)- From Quezalcoatl, the Mesoamerican feathered-serpent god. Green Vine Snake. Associated with feminity, intuition, dualism, sin, poison, and temptation.

Darwin: Myra (Greek)- From myrrh, a thorny, stubborn plant thought to be the source of the Crown of Thorns. Unsettled like Sirion.

Moira: Zev (Hebrew)- "Wolf." He's, well, a Gray Wolf, interestingly enough. Embodies protection, community, communication, and bravery.

Shaw: Pele (Hawaiian)- "Lava," the Hawaiian goddess of fire, violence, the volcano, and destruction. (And dance, ahaha) Plumed Basilisk. Lizards are associated with adaption, survival, variation, and shrewdness. Basiliks (mythical creature) are associated with longevity, sudden death, destruction, and poison.

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