Dreams of the Waking Man

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A Deadpool-centric Marvel crossover. A circular fic in four major arcs (Hypnic Twitches, Dreams, Nightmares, and End of Dreaming) plus a prelude and side stories. Here, the series starts at the Prelude chapter, but you can actually start reading with almost any of the major arcs and loop back to it.

Set in a slight AU called Earth-339, which is mostly canon-compliant through Cable & Deadpool #42, and is canon-compliant with other Marvel series to varying degrees. Includes themes of domesticity, dark humor, mild violence, world war, time travel, dimensional travel, and a post-apocalyptic world. The Cable/Deadpool pairing is also a major underlying theme, but the series includes mentions of het, femslash, and assorted canon pairings as well.


Now available in eBook form as a single novel([PRC] [ePub]) with Side Stories ([PRC] [ePub]). The Table of Contents is not particularly pretty, and you can't see the Segno mark beside Prelude to Dreaming (a musical reference that pairs with the postlude pieces to indicate that the fic is circular), but it works. Files updated 11/29.

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