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  • Hey, I'm a fangirl from Germany. Seems like you got lost and ended up on my site :P
    I love reading, naturally, drawing and playing the piano. Even in primary school I've written short stories and since 2013 I'm writing them in english. I think it all started with Supernatural (Just love the series :)) and soon other fandoms joined. So now I'm talking when I should be working on some of my stories.
    So I hope you enjoy some of them and review a lot *hint hint*

  • Heyo. I write some shit. Generally gay, probably blasphemous. Highlights include: Judas falling in love with Jesus, God sucking Lucifer's dick behind a pulpit to apologize for an ancient lover's quarrel, Steve being crushed to death in his sleep by a jealous God, Eve reincarnated and allergic to fruit.

    Also, once I wrote a thing about Elsa.