Archive FAQ > Kudos

What is a Kudos?

The word ‘kudos’ is a singular noun from the ancient Greek, meaning ‘glory’ or ‘renown’. One modern definition is ‘praise given for achievement’.

As an Archive feature, kudos is designed not only as a quick and easy way to let a creator know that their work has been appreciated, but it is also a valuable accessibility tool for those who, for various reasons such as language difficulties, issues with mobility and typing, etc., would find it difficult or impossible to leave a comment or review.

Can I disable Kudos on my works?

At least in part because of the accessibility benefits to our broad user base, we do not plan to offer an option to disable kudos at this time. Kudos notifications, however, can be disabled by a user via ‘My Preferences’ on their user page. This can be done separately from disabling comments.

How will I know if someone leaves a Kudos on one of my works?

Email notifications of kudos by both registered and guest users are sent to the creator of a work if this option has been enabled via ‘My Preferences’ on their user page. Registered users sending kudos are identified by their user name; unregistered or un-signed in users cannot be identified by the Archive and are labeled as simply 'guest'. If a user is not receiving these notifications despite having the preference enabled, it is possible they are inadvertently being caught in their spam filter.

Can I hide or delete Kudos I have sent or received?

Kudos cannot be hidden or deleted, either by the user or by the sender.

Can I leave Kudos on each chapter of a multi-chaptered work?

No, kudos are linked to works, and not chapters. When a kudos is left on a multi-chaptered work, it is not linked to a specific chapter but rather to the work as a whole in order to keep the process and code simple and straightforward as possible.