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Where can I find cool tools people have created to work with the AO3?

As more tools get built, we plan to add a separate page listing them. For now, you can find them here!

For userscripts, you will need either the Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox, or the Tampermonkey extension for Chrome, or NinjaKit for Safari. To change the appearance of the Archive, you can search for userstyles to be used with the Stylish add-on for Firefox or the Stylish extension for Chrome. For more detailed descriptions of how to use these tools, please see this unofficial tutorial provided by AO3 user Arduinna.

Bookmarklets will work in most modern browsers without the need for any extra add-ons.

Searching and Browsing

  • A Firefox search plugin for the AO3 has been created by Archive user punk. To install, simply click on the "Archive of Our Own" link in the list and confirm that you'd like to add it to your search engines.
  • To view any of our fandom listings, e.g. all Movies, sorted by number of works instead of alphabetically, use this Reorder Fandoms bookmarklet by carene waterman.
  • Front end coder Sarken put together a Blurb Blocker userscript that allows you to hide work blurbs from tag listings, search results etc. if they contain one or more terms you can specify in the script.
  • In the same vein, front end coder tuff_ghost cloned the popular Tumblr Savior script for use on the Archive: AO3 Savior lets you define creators, tags, or summary keywords and will hide all work blurbs that contain one or more of these terms.
  • To exclude certain keywords by default when using the tag filters, install AO3 Saved Filters by tuff_ghost and put in unwanted terms preceded by a minus sign.
  • If you'd like to sort works not just by number of hits and number of kudos, but also by the ratio of kudos per hits, OTW Translation volunteer Min has a kudos/hits percentage script for you!

Posting and Managing Works

  • If you use Google Drive to work on fics, fannish meta, or other text-based fanworks, you might have run into formatting issues when copying from Google Drive to our Rich Text Editor. In particular, italics and bold text will not be carried over correctly when copy-pasting the text. To solve this problem, Min has created a script for Google Drive that will take your finished work and convert all basic formatting into HTML for you. You can see it in action in this example document for posting to the AO3. Look for the "Make a copy..." option in the File menu, which will put a private copy of the document into your own Google Drive account. Then just delete the sample text and use the blank document for your own writing. When you're done, hit the "Post to AO3" menu to prepare the whole thing for pasting into the HTML editor with a simple button click. HTML tags will be added for you! In most cases, this will be much more reliable than using the Rich Text Editor.
  • If you'd prefer not to see comments and named kudos from certain users or from any anonymous commenter on your works (or anywhere on the AO3!), you can use tuff_ghost's Personal Hellban script and enable either guest blocking, or insert a list of usernames. This will not actually prevent people from commenting or leaving kudos, but will hide anything you specify from your own view.

Reading and Downloading

  • Sometimes, a work will have a lot of whitespace between paragraphs, possibly due to issues with our Rich Text Editor when posting from a word processor. You can use carene waterman's Strip Empties bookmarklet to temporarily remove excessive blank lines between paragraphs while reading.
  • Check out adevyish's AO3 Lazier userscript which adds a "latest chapter" button next to the chapter dropdown.
  • The AO3 eBook Download Helper displays the download links for every work on a page (Works Search, Series, Collections, etc.) in a pop-up so you can quickly download multiple files!
  • AO3 Download Buttons by tuff_ghost adds download buttons to each work blurb on any work listing.

Stats and Figures

  • The AO3 Statistics CSV Bookmarklet by Flamebyrd lets you download your Archive work stats (number of hits, kudos, bookmarks etc.) as a .csv file, which can be neatly imported into a spreadsheet for your own number-crunching.
  • If you'd rather a have a list of all your works, including title, tags, basic stats and URL, try Flamebyrd's AO3 Works List CSV Bookmarklet instead.

Collections and Challenges

  • Sarken created a Sign-up Summary Sorter userscript which will add sorting options to any challenge's Sign-up Summary page. It allows you to sort by fandom name, number of offers, or number of requests in ascending or descending order.

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