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What is a bookmark?

A bookmark is a record of a work you want to remember, similar to bookmarking sites like Delicious. You can add notes to remind you what you thought about the work, along with your own tags. You can tag works hosted on the Archive of Our Own and works hosted on other sites.

What things can I bookmark on the Archive?

You can currently bookmark works and series on the Archive. In the future you will also be able to bookmark individual authors. You can also bookmark works hosted outside the Archive.

How do I bookmark a work on the Archive?

When you're logged in, anything which is bookmarkable on the Archive (currently works and series) will display a 'Bookmark' link at the top right-hand corner. Selecting this link will bring up a bookmark form where you can fill in the details you want. You don't need to include any of the author's metadata (fandom, characters, etc) as this will be grabbed from the work and displayed automatically on your bookmark.

You can choose to bookmark works under different Pseuds (maybe to keep all bookmarks for one fandom under one name, for example). Just choose the name you want in the bookmark form. You can add a new pseud under 'My Pseuds'.

You can add notes, your own tags, make it a private bookmark, or designate it as a rec.

How do I bookmark a work hosted outside of the Archive?

On 'My Bookmarks' on My Home, you'll find a link called 'Bookmark External Work' on the top right. This will take you to the form to add a bookmark for an external work. You must include a title, author, and fandom tag, and we ask that you add as much other information as possible.

To make it easier to use our bookmarks system to bookmark works hosted outside the Archive, we've introduced a javascript bookmarklet. You can find this on the External Works page – just right-click the link on this page and save as a bookmark, or drag it to your bookmarks bar to 'install'. Now the bookmarklet will show up in your browser's bookmarks so you can use it any time.

Once you've added the bookmarklet to your browser, then clicking it while on the page you wish to bookmark will open a pop-up containing the external bookmark form with the url of the page you were on already filled in. Just fill in the other details and select create! You'll need to close the pop-up window when you're done.

Where can I see my bookmarks?

Follow the link for 'My Bookmarks' on My Home to see all the bookmarks you have made.

Where can I see other people's bookmarks?

You can follow the 'Bookmarks' link in the main navigation of the Archive to see the most recent public bookmarks from everyone on the Archive.

You can display bookmarks by an individual user or pseud by going to their user page and following their 'Bookmarks' link.

How do I edit a bookmark?

For any bookmark you've created, you'll find an 'Edit' link on the bottom left-hand side of each bookmark.

How do I manage who can see my bookmarks?

You can choose to make bookmarks private or public. If you'd like to keep a bookmark private, simply select the box for 'Private bookmark' at the bottom of the bookmark form.

What is the difference between a bookmark and a rec?

You can choose to mark your bookmark as a rec by ticking the 'Rec' box on the bookmark form. This will make the bookmark display with a heart icon, so other people know you recced it, and it will show up when people filter their bookmarks for 'recs' only.

How do I limit my search to recs only?

For any list of bookmarks, you'll find a tab at the top right of the page marked 'View Recs Only'. Follow this link to see only those bookmarks which are also recs.