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What is the Archive of Our Own?

The Archive of Our Own offers a noncommercial and nonprofit central hosting place for fanfiction and - eventually - other transformative fanworks: i.e. it is free to use and does not make any money. (Right now, we can only host text, but you are welcome to embed other media!) It is multifannish and built on open-source archiving software designed and built by and for fans. It is hosted on servers owned by the Organization for Transformative Works and therefore not vulnerable to a commercial hosting company deciding they don't like our fanworks.

The Archive is a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

How is the Archive funded? Can I donate money?

The Archive is funded entirely by donations to the Organization for Transformative Works. Users don't have to pay to use the site, and we don't host ads. If you'd like to support the Archive, please make a donation.

We very much appreciate donations, which help pay for our servers, hosting costs, and bandwidth, and also support other OTW projects such as Fanlore and Open Doors. Donating US$10 or more also gives you membership of the OTW and allows you to vote in OTW elections, so you can help shape the future of the organization.

What is the Organization For Transformative Works?

The Organization for Transformative Works (OTW) is a nonprofit organization established by fans to serve the interests of fans by providing access to and preserving the history of fanworks and fan culture in its myriad forms. We believe that fanworks are transformative and that transformative works are legitimate. The OTW represents a practice of transformative fanwork historically rooted in a primarily female culture. The OTW will preserve the record of that history as we pursue our mission while encouraging new and non-mainstream expressions of cultural identity within fandom.

You can find out more about the OTW on our main website under About the OTW.

Who built the Archive?

The Archive was entirely built and designed by volunteers from fandom. Many of our volunteers started out with no knowledge of coding / design / documentation and learned their skills on the project. We think it's a pretty amazing achievement! If you'd like to join in, please volunteer via the OTW's Volunteer page.

What is the Archive's position on copyright and the legal status of fanworks?

For details of the Archive's position on transformative works, please see What We Believe: point 2 and Content Policy: Section IV D in the Terms of Service.