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  1. Poor Karkat, my D&D group spends half a session trying to eliminate all the checks before we go into a battle like this... and our sniper can do one-turn knockouts on practically any enemy. (We're playing Star Wars Saga, a bit like D&D 4th)

    Since Gamzee's dropped his cover as "too stoned to talk", I'd like him to try intimidate or diplomacy to get Karkat cured and to bring him along as a servant to his marriage. Survival first, escape later.

    I'd like to see some of Jade's journey. She imagines she's utterly safe, but a level one hero can get in over her head in a kiddie pool.

    Perhaps you can use the kiss-to-revive mechanic here; it is a property of the original game, right? Everyone gets one dreamself revival except Sollux. That might save a plot line if the dice get really vindictive.

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    1. Pixie Death - A red-eyed grinning shadowy face.

      The checks aren't getting in the way of the combat- the combat is getting in the way of the chase scene mechanics! Seriously, there wasn't a way to eliminate the skill checks because they are how the mechanic functions.

      Kiss-to-revive is not NECESSARY, but makes for some nice revival fluff which I must remember for future reference!

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