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  1. storyteller (yuki_onna)

    Thank you so very much! Brienne is one of my favorite characters, so it's a pleasure to hear that you find her voice outstanding. Her vision of Lady Catelyn was tricky; I had to make sure that she didn't know anything that Brienne hadn't (or couldn't have) learned in her journeys. And I'm thrilled that you're delighted by the ending; I'd love it if Brienne ended up as a member of Dany's Queensguard. If I had had time to write all of Brienne's adventures, that's what would have happened.

    (Along with Jeyne Poole being spirited out of the North and joining Brienne and the Stark girls, Arya putting her skills to use as a dragonrider-in-training, Sansa gaining political savvy for her eventual role as Queen of the North and Asha Greyjoy becoming Dany's Master of Ships. Unfortunately, I would have needed an entire novel to tell that story.)

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