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  1. This. This is the story I wanted. Wow.

    You've managed to capture character voices with amazing fidelity. Jane's no-nonsense straight-to-business manner and John's need to get in the last word with a cheesy line nailed to a T.

    I love the problems and the tension. Your opening line sets things up, but then there's so much work to show how true it is: they don't really work well together, except when they do. And both of them will have to change to make it work, or they'll have to walk away from one another. And I love, love, love that the sex near the beginning is as much a hindrance as a help to the relationship because they fall back on it to avoid actually working out their problems.

    The little space in canon that the story fits into is also great. It just... slots right in. Which actually brings me to what may be my favorite part of the whole thing: that therapy scene is amazing. In part because it's a call-back to canon, and I love call-backs, but the best parts of it were definitely the new things. In way that I never felt the film managed, the scene here gives this amazing sense of closure. The exchange of names is simultaneously enormously romantic (I grinned like an idiot for about five minutes) and indicative of serious relationship progress in a way that the flippant "the sex is awesome" vibe never managed.

    So. Thank you. So, so much.

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    1. Schuyler sisters - Hamilton

      I'm so relieved you enjoyed it! I felt horribly guilty for only knowing your backup fandom. Thank you!

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        I just re-read this for no real reason other than it had been a while, and just felt like I had to say: I still love this story so much. So, so much. For all the same reasons as the first time, and a few more besides.

        Thank you again.

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