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  1. perfectly nice, eduated, middle class woman...

    Thank you! And thank you for the rec. I had so many fantastic stories to choose from (and I had initially latched onto your one-sentence Spock-Snape ficlet because I found the premise of Spock's thoughts about Snape fascinating. :-P) I've always been partial to Iroh - he's been one of my favorite characters since day one, and I thought one of the best things about the A:TLA series itself was Zuko's journey. Aang may have been the main character (and I really love ALL of the characters in this series!), but it was Zuko who really drove the series, and had the most - and best, I thought - character development.

    So from that perspective, it was really fun to imagine what life as the Fire Lord in a new world would mean for him, and how Iroh - well, he's always been Zuko's anchor, but in a stabilizing sense not in the 'tied down' sense. I think the things Iroh would tell him now would be things Zuko has already learned for himself, but it's more that he needs - or wants - the comfort, strength, and confidence he draws from Iroh's presence, and the reminder of Iroh's love and trust in him. I added Jeong Jeong specifically because I knew he was a favorite of yours, but also because Boomi's personality would have changed the tone. Jeong Jeong has a more reserved wit. (I'd have loved to see more of all the White Lotus Society in the show. I've always had a particular soft spot for Boomi. Someone should write more about their adventures! :-P)

    I'm so glad you liked it! (even though it's remix, not an exchange.) Thanks again! ♥

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