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    No, I am TOTALLY on board with you on this. Guh! The slow build is so immensely satisfying, I can't even... If people want instant sex, that's what PWPs are for. I'm thinking back on a few of my own fics, and in one that was ~46,000 words, it took a good 25k before they kissed, and it wasn't until about 35k that they finally had sex. Same with another 90k fic I wrote in which the sex didn't happen until a good 50k in. Now, granted, clearly I might take a little too long sometimes, but it seemed to work best for the story, and I just don't feel the need to write unnecessary sex scenes when teasing the audience can be so much more enjoyable when the pay-off finally happens.

    (And yes, I love the idea that they've earned it. Plus, I also love working within canon, so then I feel like the slow-burn makes everything seem so much more possible within the realm of the show and what might actually happen. For me, the best fics are the ones that take canon, and then go just that little bit further. Then you're all like, "OMG, THIS FEELS LIKE IT COULD TOTALLY HAPPEN!" Those are the fics I love the most. Anyway... shutting up now :))

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