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  1. Oooh, that sounds both ominous and excellent. I fully approve and I'm looking forward to it! Also lawlz, sassy is the best. Of course it's going to be fun! Don't you doubt it one second. Oh, and you'll pull it off. That too. ;P

    Hah, awwww. Thank you!

    I agree completely. And also hey, Peter IS death, for everything we've seen. So yeah, you're completely right.

    AHAHAHAHA oh god oh lawlz you made me choke on my coffee there. You are EVIL and EPIC and I love it. "Not fixing it" = Comedy gold! I shall do the polite thing to do and keep stroking, then! LOL >D

    That sounds like the best plan ever. Since Lydia's "let's lock them up together" of course.

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    1. My muse as drawn by foxhunter2blue

      Well I am glad, I am quite enjoying it too I have to say.
      Sassy and a little evil.
      Thanks, the encouragement makes me grin like a loon.

      Yeah, Peter is death, though he was very nice to Stiles in the end. Which was a bit weird, offering him the bite and letting him say no. It was interesting.

      Well I hope you didn't burn anything. It really is the only polite thing to do, mustn't stop stoking prematurely.

      That is actually related to the last part of the next growl :P thepack conspiring.

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