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  1. Slash. Huh.

    Belatedly wanted to say thank you so much for your warm and wonderful comment and I truly hope that the story was what you wanted! (Your prompt was totally my dream prompt!) I confess that I got caught a bit short - the Very Large Array was only supposed to be their first stop, and there was much mocking of me by my friends when I was like, "OMG, I'm out of time: I'm going to have to stage the love scene on top of the Very Large Array!" - but it came out mostly OK, though man the VLG is a hard metaphor to work with :P

    Anyway I will write the longer version at some point and dedicate it to you. <3 <3

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    1. Haha, well I couldn't tell that it was truncated from your plan, if that makes you feel better. NO WORRIES. :P But I am super excited to hear there's more coming! That is awesome news. Like I said, I really loved this. You're a great writer. Thank you again!! <33

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