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  1. Ok, thank you for that. I've tried the wizard, and it's changed the background for my works (though the font suddenly seems much smaller than it used to be?) but the recent works page and the links boxes and the comment boxes are still grey text on a grey background.

    I know you guys have a lot on your plates right now, but since you do ask for feedback, I would like to say that I'm not really finding all this skins stuff very user-friendly either. I'm mostly here to read and post fic, and I prefer using the site's default, partly because I don't the skills to super-customise stuff (I barely even know what CSS means, and all your How To posts are going right over my head) and partly because I prefer the view I have of my works to be the same as most visitors will have, so I can see what they see and spot any potential problems. It's cool all this custom stuff is there for people who want it, I guess, but all I'd really like would be a default I can actually read. I don't usually struggle with websites' default views and your old one was fine for me, so I don't think my requirements are particularly special. I'm happy to hear you are making changes, and I really hope you will consider a more accessible default colour contrast.

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    1. Purple clockwork gears

      Hiya - thank you for your feedback. There are bugs affecting the functionality of the interface that are making it less friendly than designed. But we are collecting all the feedback, as we're still in beta and will most likely have many future revisions.

      I do want to note that we are going to have a redeploy tonight that should significantly alter the background colors back toward white, across the board. Let us know what you think!

      Sam J.
      AO3 Support

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      1. I see it now. Thank you, that's much much easier to read.

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    2. Gat from Saiyuki, looking to the right

      Agreed. I just went to the wizard from reading these comments,, that looks way too much like work to just make a few tweaks. I'm just going to stay with the skin I'm using, which is imperfect but acceptable. (And I have done a little custom CSS.) I don't use this site like LiveJournal, I use it as an archive. I don't want to tweak, I want to read.

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