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  1. I tried to hit the kudos button 4,000 times, because it seemed like I should.

    This was absolutely awesome. Impeccable. And the feels it filled me with actually had me clapping a hand over my mouth theatrically a few times. Only it wasn't theatre. I was experiencing those emotions. His speech to try to woo her to South America was so perfect, so beautiful, and the amazing thing is that it was absolutely in character. That is the beauty of this show and in this story. The characterizations were perfection. The storyline was very compelling.

    Is it too much to ask for a sequel? If it is, can I still ask for one? I'd love to see a post-apocalyptic Sherlock and Joan bringing down Moriarty oldskool style in their new existence.

    Thank for for this story. I love your work so much.

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    1. So thrilled you enjoyed it! This is high praise indeed. :)

      Not sure whether I'd do the sequel -- which, as you point out, would definitely be more like Mad Max -- but I hope to write more Elementary fic.

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