Comment on Echoes of the Past

  1. Have to admit that while I like the Starscream/Skyfire pairing, I don't see it working here. Not unless those two found a good way to work around the issues between them.

    However, I do disagree on one point of your comment. I think Skyfire always had a backbone. Just a lot of fanon writers have chosen to interpret his pacifism as being a doormat. There are scenes in Fire in the Sky where he does show he's willing to stand up for his beliefs. Refusing to shoot the hostages, standing up to Megatron, firing on Starscream during a dogfight...And he does seem to have vanished after a point, which could indicate he'd had enough of the shit and left. I don't think he ever lacked a backbone or self-respect.

    So I don't think he was ever someone who really backed down or kept silent if he didn't agree, judging from what's in the show. I know of an author who thought the same way and wrote an essay about it. She used canon to back up her arguments.

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