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  1. What would be nice from a user perspective (or at least my perspective) would be if the RSS feed adopted the LJ-common way of including brief metadata in a parenthesis after the title. So the format of the title element in the feed would be, for example, "The Title Itself (Fandom, Pairing(s), Rating, Wordcount)".

    I can even have a stab at implementing it, if you point me at where to check out the source :-)

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    1. ao3 pirate

      *nods* We've talked about doing something similar for subscription notifications as well. The trick is just accounting for the works that have a dozen fandoms or two dozen pairings - they're out there!

      Here's the github link to the particular view. If you ever want to play around with it, you can fork the repository and submit pull requests with your changes! Which would be awesome. :D

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