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  1. Bruce/Wally, Catman/Deadshot, Puck/Kurt, Sam/Dean, Nathan/Jack, Harry/Eggsy, Dick/Slade, Spike/Xander, Arthur/Eames, John/Rodney, Steve/Tony, Peter/Neal, Derek/Stiles, Steve/Bucky, Hannibal/Will (icon is still several pairings short of my full quota)

    Now I have to go to bed crying. Dammit. *watery grin*

    I am really loving this series. You've created some very credible OCs to support our boys. I like most of them more than Cobb already. *g*

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    1. Batgirl

      Aw, don't cry! They'll be okay. I always write happy endings. (It just sometimes takes them a while to get there.)

      *snort* Poor Cobb! But I appreciate the sentiment about the OCs very much. Thank you.

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