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  1. Facepalm.

    These are in LOGICAL pairs, not crack pairs :P
    And Equius is VERY CLEARLY one of the earlier ones, haha.
    Won't say another word though-- The original Kids en route tomorrow.

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    1. I what huh derp these are pairings? Oh yeah. Equius was strong. It was the fact that he didn't lead that threw me off. Its Karkles. I'm bad at seeing these the first time. HOW IS KANAYA AND GAMZEE LOGICAL?

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      1. Not necessarily romantic pairings, just logical friends / associated trolls.

        ...Although Kanaya <3

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        1. Kanaya, Vriska, and Terezi are my favorite trolls. I love them all equally. Karkat is close after them. But those three are just awesome. Kanaya and Gamzee don't interact in anything I remember though, I'm not sure I understand it.

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          1. Wow, I think Ao3 destroyed what I said because of the emote containing pointy brackets, hahaha

            My last sentence should have read:
            ...Although Kanaya (SPADE) Gamzee, IE Blackrom, makes a lot of sense if you try to make it work.

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