Comment on Happily Ever After (How Could I Ask for More?)


    Okay that's my favorite part of the whole fic. I love Taehyung hiding under the covers out of spite. I love him snuggled up with Jimin. I love Jimin working on his paper. I love Taehyung's staticy hair. I love everything about it. It's 100% my aesthetic.

    "Just let me DO THAT for you Jimin" wow I cannot.

    As for the mom question, I imagine Taehyung asked on impulse, and then went home to tell his mom about it and was the happiest bean in the world, and his mom was just as happy because she is WONDERFUL and gave him the ring and it was just a great day, and Jimin was very overwhelmed.

    I wrote the words "ladybug debut" and personally lost my shit, so I am glad you did too. IMAGINE. BABY JIMIN. IN A LADYBUG COSTUME.


    I like how upset you are about their sleeping arrangements? Life-long friends, snuggly Vmin is my favorite vmin? I can't wait for the roadtrip fic because it is going to be the fullest extent of gay a vmin can possibly be, you have no idea, you have NO IDEA.

    The hardest part of any fic I write is the presents. Because I NEED there to be presents. Presents are IMPORTANT to me. And this one was hard because I imagined Tae and Jimin to both not have very much money, so I was STRUGGLING, I couldn't just drop 200 bucks on an id bracelet.

    I do hate mesh, but I love Jimin wearing mesh to glow bowling. And I like it as a "something-something" too, I thought it was like... cute? Not cute, but fun, like idk, I liked that wording.

    I JUST FELT LIKE THE FIC NEEDED SOMETHING A LITTLE STEAMY, and I DEFINITELY have wanted Vmin to make out to that song for awhile, and I found the perfect opportunity for it.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful comment, Niki, you are my queen. I am so sorry for your pain, though? Like my b, I guess. ;)

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