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  1. Just. Wow.

    This was incredibly gorgeous. I loved how effectively you were able to get into both of their heads, while still writing primarily from Hux's POV. Your writing and the language is incredibly lush; there was also this incredible sense of foreboding, as Ben and Hux give in to duty and desire (and perhaps something deeper, with those hints of tenderness and understanding), under the machinations of Snoke. Your characterizations of Ben and Hux are also breathtaking--flipping some of the more conventional fanon/canon impressions of them on its head, yet in a way that makes utter sense, and making them complex and conflicted.

    I am in love with what you've created, and would welcome anything else you had to offer in this verse. <33

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    1. Thank youuuuu!!!!!! Admittedly one of the things I'm looking forward to the most in TLJ is Ren going absolutely berserk when he realizes how much Snoke's been playing him like a fiddle. I wrote elements of that in this fic, since here Luke and Leia caught onto Snoke early. There's still that distance betwen Ben and his family, he's still fairly alone. But he's aware of just how close Snoke came to destroying him, and he's not willing to ever be put under someone's control ever again (which is something I'll be toying with if ever I write the sequel). Hux, on the other hand, is a soldier born and bred, and this is probs the first time he ever gave into a human impulse of his (and even that, under the guise of duty). As a result, he's awkward and emotionally fragile and painfully out of his depth, and honestly he's shocked that Ben didn't take any advantage of that, instead took care of him and treated him gently (a first for him, from anyone. ;___;) Theyre basically two very lonely people who found a moment of refuge in each other. Hopefully they don't let it go. ;___;

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